This is a card I got from Caelin.  It is a bunny that will probably not remain bunny shaped for much longer unless he is bad at boomeranging.  

Also she drew another bunny that is an astronaut.  I think this one will probably have a better day because of the no grenade thing and also because he gets to party in space.  I am pretty sure we can consider that a space party hat.

I would also like to provide an example of how crazy nice her handwriting is.  I am very impressed and also slightly embarrassed about mail that may have been sent in the direction of Canada in the past.

  1. punkassbookjockey said: Horray! I appreciate your appreciation of my posted card, I agree on all counts re: bunnies, I’m grinning quite a lot, & my handwriting is less impressive if you consider that I practiced a whole ton & owe it all to George Harrison’s & Dumbledore’s.
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